ITC > Custom-made transportations

Custom-made transportations

ITC > Custom-made transportations

Widespread and taylored Accurate deliveries, by appointment, custom–made, on time. camion 1 camion 2 camion 3

We know that if you need a custom made transport, this means the goods are to be delivered on time.

This is our priority, for this reason we will give an excellent and reliable service. We know that late or inaccurate deliveries can have a major negative impact.
According to your transport requirements, goods quantity or delivery address, we look for your best solution as far as delivery times are concerned.  
We have a wide range of transport means, from a simple van equipped with hydraulic self-loading tailgate, to a 7 m flatbed trucks, to refrigerated vans.
We can satisfy every needs: deliveries to floors with personnel, by appointment, predefined time slots, to restricted urban areas, or where permissions are needed.

We grant, together with our carrier, steady and update information on the van position and delivery stages. This is possible through a steady phone support, also available during weekends.We use and plan our deliveries by means of professional carriers. We have being working together since very long time and truly trust them.

Carefully choosing the most suitable transport means is one of our main strength. It depends on the nature of goods, the destination point, not all vehicles are the same, some are better in some circumstances and for some kind of goods.