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Intermodal transport

ITC > Intermodal transport

trasporti intermodali sfondo Convenience on long distances low costs, slightly longer delivery times.
A positive answer to environmental sustainability

Intermodal transportation is an excellent alternative to road transport.
Less road transport grants reduce CO2 emissions and help to clean the air we breathe.

One of our priority is environmental sustainability and rail transport is an efficient answer.

In the last years intermodal transport has grown, lots of companies have increased interest in it as it is a good alternative to road transport. This has been possible thanks to the EU huge infrastructure investments.
On long distances the intermodal transport is very convenient and we decided to use it more and more with slightly longer times but at lower cost.

Another key factor: railway transport can carry larger volumes than a truck making it even more convenient. It is the most competitive way of transportation.We use box containers that can carry 26 to 28 tons according to destination.
The insurance is the same as for road transportation, it includes CMR insurance and there is the possibility of an ALL Risks insurance policy.