The continuous evolution within the company has proved to be the only possible solution for success with customers.

This change has allowed us to become real consultants who do not supply pre-packaged products but offer customized solutions based on customer needs.

Listening, dialogue and understanding.

These are keywords to study solutions that allow each customer‘s business to develop according to their needs.

However, to be excellent consultants this is not enough!

Training is in fact fundamental. We are a reality present in different countries, with very different languages, cultures and traditions.

These differences are a real operational obstacle for those who enter in our sector for the first time. Knowledge of holidays, currencies and cultural differences are a reason for new salespeople to open their minds to new realities. For example, in Sweden the mid-August does not fall in mid-August as for us but at the end of June, this means that between the Swedish and the Italian holiday closure there is a very limited period of time in which to be able to make deliveries and that must be understood by all.

An ITC consultant was born this way: first of all, learning the operational part since if he started only from the commercial part he would have no way of understanding all the difficulties. A consultant must be able to do the job 360 degrees. This is why information is accessible to all and circulates quickly, each person is not an irreplaceable individual but an interchangeable figure at all times.

In order to be more than just a supplier, to be an irreplaceable partner, we no longer turn to customers by telling our products but the customers themselves tell us their needs and let themselves be advised.