Today, corporate culture is the foundation of every company. If you are focused on the same purpose and you share common goals, following the direction you want to take, then it’s easier to work all together.

That’s  teamwork! There must be no individual who takes initiatives but each activity is integrated into each other to achieve consistent and quality results. Innovating your company also means identifying the potential of individuals within a group in which they can express themselves in full.

Undoubtably we have witnessed the importance of a defined organization chart  at ITC. Previously anyone who had an issue to resolve, they would take it up with the boss ; Now thanks to a leadership and a revised organization chart the simplest issues are addressed and resolve quickly. Resulting in speed, more order, more certainty, intermediate leadership is always available.

But the real Copernican revolution was yet to come…

In fact, the fundamental step was to define the mission and the company’s vision. Salary is no longer the only goal that makes the company move, but rather the feeling of playing a major part the company’s growth which represents the real leap in quality.

Progressing  from a craft workshop like company with many overlaps to an organized streamline company more composed and orderly allowed us to work less and better. In addition to the fact that this change has also reached people with a less dominant character allowing them to be able to express themselves and to bring added value to the company.

The relationship with the outside world has also changed considerably. ITC is no longer just a simple provider but an active partner: we are living partners of its customers to identify solutions best for every business. This has allowed us, as in the Case of Brexit and subsequently during the Covid-19 period, to be able to provide broader replys  :  faster, more usable and correct .

Our corporate culture  is not just the sharing of spaces and resources but also have a common language, which allows us to be quicker and simpler in our answers and to increase our competitiveness in favour of customer service.