In terms of type of goods we regularly trasport  we move wines, sparkling wines, beer and spirits.


Given our unique location Wine is definitely the most popular product as  we find ourselves rich in wineries and farms that produce and export wine both in Europe and in non-European countries.


To facilitate the customs work of exporting or importing this type of goods from 2018 we have invested in enabling and authorizing to become tax warehouse: we take care of the issuance of the tax documents necessary for customs to regularize the shipment. To export wines and sparkling wines abroad, a guarantee is required to certifie the origin, destination and excise duties that will be paid for the export of the goods.


There are 3 main tax documents required for the export of this commodity :


The DA: We are enabled to issue this type of electronic document. By issuing the DA we declare that the goods to be exported are under our responsibility until it arrives at its destination. When the recipient receives it, it takes responsibility for the goods and the DA is closed. This type of document is valid and compliant throughout the European Community.

Q1: Outside the EC in addition to the DA, a tax document called T1 must be issued. In this case the goods travel with a DA document from the point of shipment to the last European receiving port, then from there to the place of destination outside Europe with a new T1 document.

The MVV: is a type of paper document that can be issued in place of the electronic DA, generally preferred by small farms that can issue it independently this case we deal exclusively with the transport of the goods.

The compliance of the issued documents is very important to ensure the regularity of the export or import abroad of wines and related customs duties: taking responsibility for the documents, we always guarantee a precise and reliable transport service.


To further facilitate the export or import of wine, we provide our customers with a real storage space.


Customers who do not have sufficient storage space for the export of their goods, can rely on us for storage. In addition to storing the goods waiting for shipment, we also take care of the logistics service, preparing the packages depending on the destination and the quantity to be exported, supporting the customer with a totally personalized and safe service.